Dachshund Coat Types

There are 3 different coat types for Dachshunds:



The smooth coat is the most common and familiar coat variety for Dachshunds. The hair is short and tight to the body, which results in minimum shedding. This coat is simple to care for with less upkeep than the other coat variations. In cold weather climates you may need to dress your smooth coat dachshund in warm clothing such as a coat or sweater when going outside.



Longhaired Dachshunds have coats that are longer under the neck, ears, forechest, underside of body, behind legs, and beneath the tail. The hair is often slightly wavy (but not curly) and should be the longest length on the underside of the tail forming a flag, with the shortest hair is down the dogs back. The long coat should be bathed about once a month and brushed a couple times a week.



Wirehaired Dachshunds require the most grooming of the 3 coat varieties. They have a double coat with a coarse, hard outer coat and a softer and shorter undercoat hair beneath and between the outer coat. Wirehair coats need to be stripped of dead hair every few months. The beard and eyebrows should be trimmed monthly. They are considered to be the perfect blend of hounds and terriers, showing characteristics of both breeds.